Welcome to Manage It! We're glad you're here. Here are 5 quick articles to help you learn some Manage It basics. We will introduce you to a number of useful Manage It functions and concepts that will help you start getting your team organized.

Before we dive in, here are a few terms that will be used throughout the articles:

  • Task: This is something you need to do. You can do many things with tasks such as: add a note, attach files, assign the task to someone else, add a due date, and much more.
  • Project: You can organize your tasks into projects. One project can contain many tasks.
  • Workspace: You can organize your projects into workspaces. One workspace can contain many projects. Many people create different workspaces for each department in their company.
  • Company: This is the top level of Manage It. This is the name of your company. You can add people and workspaces to your company.
  • Account: Every person who uses Manage It has their own email and password to log into the app.

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