Tags are similar to categories that you can assign to a task.  Assigning 'tags' or keywords to your tasks can help filter your lists for hassle free searches.                




Creating 'Tags':

  • Select "Filter by Tag".
  • Choose "Manage Tags...".
  • Then select "Create New Tag".
  • Enter the label for your tag and select "Save".
  • You can edit or delete a tag at any time.

Assigning 'Tags':

  • Create a new task or open an existing task.
  • Select "# Tags".
  • Check 1 or more boxes of the tags that you want to link to this task.
  • Note - You can also access "Manage Tags..." and create a new tag from here as well.

Tag Selector

You can create as many tags as you want and you can assign more than 1 tag to the same task.  

Accessing 'Tags' to filter your tasks:

You can now use your new 'tags' to filter your lists and make searching simple!

  • Select "Filter by Tag".
  • Check the box or boxes next to the 'tags' that you want to view.
  • Select "Don't filter by tag" to revert back to your unfiltered task list.

Edit Tags:

Need to rename or delete a tag?  

  • Select "Filter by Tag"
  • Choose 'Manage Tags...
  • Select "Edit' or 'Delete' in the right column and follow the prompts.