You can use Manage It to automatically create new tasks for you on a recurring basis.

Here are a few examples of ways you might use repeating tasks in Manage It:

  • Create the task "Take out the garbage" and repeat every Wednesday.
  • Create the task "Wash the dog" 10 days after you complete the previous task.
  • Create the task "It's my birthday" on April 2nd of every year.
  • Create the task "Check email" and repeat every day.

To make a task repeat, just click on the task then click the repeat button, this will open the Repeat Task dialog.

In the picture below, this will make the task repeat "Weekly" on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also note that we will only create a new task if the previous repeating task was completed:

In the following example, we will create a new task for you 10 days after the previous one was completed. We will also only do this 5 times:

You can also create repeating tasks daily, monthly, and yearly by selecting the options at the top of the dialog.

Repeating Tasks in your calendar view: 

  • Repeating tasks are generated on the day in which they are due in your calendar view, one task at a time.  
  • If "only if last task was completed" is checked then the task that is set to repeat will only display on the calendar view if the previously generated task was completed.
  • If you do not complete the repeating task on it's due date, then it will continue to display each day until it is completed.

For example, if a task is set to repeat every Monday and you complete this week's task, a new task will auto-generate on the following Monday.  The Calendar displays tasks that currently exist, not future tasks that will be generated. 

**Note - This functionality is available with our paid subscription plans.**