Manage It offers public templates, where our clever staff have shared their personally-tested home-grown lists. Our hope is that these may be of use to you.  You can check out the list here:  "Because sharing is caring..."

  1. Go to your project list from the Web App (
  2. Click on New Project at the top of the screen.  
  3. In the Create Project window, enter your project name and choose a workspace.
  4. (Optional) Choose a new icon by clicking on the icon on the left.
  5. Choose "From template". 
  6. Choose the template you'd like to load. **
  7. Click on Create.

Want to create your own private templates?  Just create your own workspace called "Templates" and add your own project templates there (i.e. "Onboard new client"). Anytime you need to make a copy of your private template, just duplicate that project.  For more detailed steps, see How to duplicate a project.

NOTE: Your staff can also use your templates as long as they have permissions to the Workspace.  See How to set permissions for my Team members for more details.

See also: 

** Got a killer Template that you'd like to share with the Manage It community?  Email us!!  We'd love to include it in our template list!  Let us know if there's something we can add to our public templates too.